Beach Vs. Mountains: Your Favourite Holiday Destination Tells Your Personality

Bluish color of water or greenery of the highland? Depth of sea or height of mountains? A roar of water or calmness of mountains? Hot sea breezes or cold and icy winds? People's choices may differ according to their personality, taste, and character. If you want to find out what nature an individual poses, you may do it by knowing his/her holiday destination. 

Do you have pals who constantly debate whether the mountains or the beaches are their ideal vacation spot? That is, after all, a legitimate dispute because there are two types of people in the world: beach people and mountain people. It'sIt's not as straightforward as that. We are shaped by our choices as well as by our personalities. So, if you prefer a mountain to a beach or vice versa, it says a lot about who you are. Here we will discuss various personalities and traits based on the choice of Beach and mountain, so continue reading to learn about each one. 

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What's Your Personality Type

Introvert Vs. Extrovert

Do you love beaches, or are you curiously attracted to mountains? When it comes to geography, your personality plays a significant role. According to studies, introverted people are more likely to go to the hills and hide in the forests. People with outgoing dispositions or extroverts are more likely to like the social parts of beach life and the interactive areas. 

Fun Loving Vs. Creative

Mountains provide complete calmness. When you visit any mountainous region, you get yourself far away from the noise, and that is the ideal place for creative people. Generally, writers, poets, and other creative professionals choose hill stations to think, write, and plan to develop themselves in a better way. Contrary, Beach lovers are fun-loving. They love to enjoy, chill and have fun on their trip. 

Social Vs. Self-centered

Beach people are social, while mountain people are Self-centered. We will make you understand it. If you have visited the Beach, you might have seen that gatherings are more there in comparison to mountains, and people who are conversational and social love to visit crowds. On the other hand, mountains are calm and perfect for focusing on yourself. You could concentrate and plan to make yourself better.  

Materialistic vs Spiritual

Materialists are the people who are too obsessed with worldly riches and physical pleasure rather than intellectual or spiritual matters. Bikini, babes, and beer are beaches' beauty, and these things are prime attractions for worldly people. In contrast, mountains are full of retreat, yoga, and meditation centers and are ideal for spiritual beings. Apart from that, the serene 

Party lover Vs. Peace lover

Visiting mountains takes you to deep serene places and creates a suitable environment for peace lovers. You could sit alone or with a small group of pals on a mountaintop and take in the spectacular views of nature and feel ultimate peace and inner joy. Contrary, beaches provide a chilling and party-type environment. You may go to casinos, nightclubs, and pubs to bring 


So these are traits that are based on your beach/mountain love. However, these are not stone streaks but yes as per study, the majority of people are likely to possess such characteristics. 

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