Scheduling Family Gatherings? Make Event Memorable With These Fun Games

Family gatherings are special occasions where we spend time and have fun with our loved ones. Because half of our family lives in different places, it is one of our most anticipated events! Meeting all of your relatives and spending quality time with them is invaluable. After a delicious lunch and heartfelt chats, we're usually up for some exciting outdoor activities. These are the most exciting times where we go to any picnic spot and enjoy this lovely togetherness.  

With a few family reunion games, you can make this gathering memorable. They're not only entertaining for people of all ages, but they're also a terrific way to get people laughing and create lasting memories.

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Tug of war

Tug of war is the most loving game played at family reunions. One of our favorite and most enjoyable family reunion games is the tug of war. It's a very dynamic, goofy game that demands all family members to participate! In this situation, it's the ideal game for bonding and having a good time! Furthermore, it is appropriate for all ages and requires only minor preparation. The fundamental objective is to have a pleasant tug-of-war with two teams tugging on the rope on opposite sides. In order to win, your squad must tug harder than the opposition!

For making the game interesting, you can divide this game into various categories

  • Men vs. Men challenge
  • Female Vs. Female
  • Men Vs. Female + kids 

Finishing Watermelon Challenge

Have fun eating delicious fruit, don't you think it is a game that gives you immense fun and joy and taste? Take a watermelon and cut it into equal pieces. Tell all family members to sit next to the table and ensure every member has a slice of watermelon. Instruct everyone to eat that slice without using their hand. One who finishes the whole slice in a shorter amount of time will be the winner. 

Egg-Spoon Race 

Egg-Spoon race would be a great choice to have fun if you have a large group. This game is a great blend of difficulty and fun. Take some wooden spoons and eggs (maybe plastic or real) and organize a classic competition among family members. 

How to play

  • Tell every member to choose a partner.
  • Once pairing is done, instruct them to stand by facing each other by making at least 30 to 40 feet distance.
  • Now every member has to keep the spoon in their mouth
  • The first player is to carry an egg on the spoon and run towards his/her partner.
  • He/She has to transfer that egg to his/her partner's spoon without failing.
  • Now the partner is to run towards the opposite side with the received egg.
  • The one who reaches first from where the game started would be the winner of the game. 

Family Talent Show 

Family talent shows are the best way to make family outings or picnics memorable. Make each member of the family perform a talent in front of the entire group. Even those who do not believe they have any skills should be able to come up with anything. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • You can sing a song, perform a dramatic reading, 
  • Recite a poem and recite it. 
  • Perform a skit with one or more family members, 
  • Juggle Take up a musical instrument, Perform a dance (individual or with a partner)

A quick tip: This is one of the best family reunion activities to film with a video camera and watch at subsequent gatherings.

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