4 Secrets Which You Should Never Share To Any One

We all are surrounded by our loved ones, family members, college friends, or office colleagues. Whatever happens to us in our everyday lives, we share with them, be it good or bad. Some people love to share everything that happens with them, some people have nature to hide important ones too. Just remember your old days when everyone had a BFF (Best Friend Forever), and we loved to express all secrets of life with that person only. 

According to Chanakya, If you are telling your secrets, you reveal ways to destroy yourself. No matter how close a relationship you are having with someone, maintaining distance and keeping boundaries is always necessary. Here we discuss the top 4 things you should never reveal to anyone.

Your Goal

Your goal is what you live for. It is said that life without any aim or objective is no life. The thing which you want to achieve should be a secret. When you tell somebody about your next big move, they may not always have your best interests at heart. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition and jealousy. Your objectives may be overwhelming for them, and they may even see themselves in a mirror, revealing their inadequacies and weaknesses. Apart from that, in any worst-case scenario, if you don't succeed in what you have dreamt of, it might be embarrassing, or you will have to answer to everyone why you failed. People can make fun of you behind your back. So the best thing is to keep your aim just to yourself and work hard to make it true. There is a famous quote that solidifies the above statement: Work hard silently and let your success be the noise.  

Your Financial Status

Our earnings, money, or resources are private and confidential information about which we have the right to remain anonymous. It's impolite to inquire about another's earnings, and it's much more impolite to discuss your earnings and make them public. We don't have to tell everyone how much money we make. We have the right to keep, spend, save, and invest. In today's time, you can't trust anybody. Money is the thing for which friends become enemies; brother kills brother, lovely relationships like husband-wife can be toxic, and there are various incidents. So, It is better to keep your wealth, income, or money regarding information confidential. Even the spouse should know if the couple is comfortable with it and the family makes financial decisions together.

Any negative thing about your family or loved ones

If you have any problem with your family members, it is strongly advised that you should keep it to yourself only. You know what, these things are sensitive. No matter how close an outsider is to you, he/she remains an outsider. If you share any internal tissue with him/her, he/she will have trust issues on you that if you are unable to keep secrets of your family member, how will you not share those talks which he/she is discussing with you. So better to keep negative things about your family or any fights, or problems with your family members to you only or better to discuss within your family. Internal matters should be solved internally. 

Your Desires

Because you crave them and have feelings linked with them, your desires may appear to be ideal for you, but not for everyone. It might be taboo for the outside world or offensive to other people. Apart from that, people start judging you on the basis of your cravings or desires. Admitting your needs or wishes to others isn't going to make them come true, is it? So it's better to bury them behind the curtains. And if you get into a fight with one of your friends, your desires could be used as a weapon by him/her.


So these are the top 4 things you should keep buried in your heart and mind. Sharing or discussing such sensitive matters either harms you or can make you embarrassed or create trust issues. 

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