Life Without Technology: Pros and Cons

Just imagine, technology that makes life easier would end one day. You wake up and realize that there is no car on the road, no phone and no laptop in your room, no washing machine, and no fridge in your home. How will you react at that time? Would that be a moment of joy or worry for you? Could you expect a single moment of your life without modern technologies? Come, let's see some pros and cons of this hypothetical situation. 

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Pros Of Life Without Technology

  • Many people argue that life without technology would be better, happier, and stressless. However, they are not wrong. It is said that Too much convenience sometimes becomes a dilemma, and thus people are becoming mentally and physically weak with every ease and convenience they are getting. The human body requires movement, work, and some physical activity to be fit and healthy, but innovation is expanded so that people don't even need to move. 
  • If you take an example of a Washing machine, Previously people used to wash their clothes with their hands which required a bit of physical activity. Still, there is no need to do any tasks manually with washing machines and hence no. In the same way, stair climbing is considered one of the best physical exercises according to doctors, but with Escalators, there is no need to give beneficial pain to your legs. If you combine these two examples, what do you conclude? Yes, somehow, this age of technology makes people physically weak. People are searching for comfort in every situation, which is the greatest loss to their health.
  • The digital world is also creating problems regarding mental health. Surrounded by digital devices all the time creates a lack of sleep, stress and makes life tenser. Harmful radiation from a computer and digital waves causes severe eye problems. So a technologyless life was better; at least we were free from such types of diseases. 

Cons Of Life Without Technology

  • Innovation and technology are evolving at a rapid pace in the period we all live. However, restricting our exposure to technology or completely abandoning it would be a terrible decision because it will be the difference between a better and worse tomorrow. For example, if there was no technological advancement in the world and you needed a lot of effort and hard work to do just simple tasks and sometimes. 
  • Technology is an important part of our daily life, and without it, life would not be easier. Transport and vehicles which we use to go from one place to another in a short amount of time, Cell Phones through which we are able to communicate to the people who are miles apart from us, the medical technology that saves our lives, internet through which pieces of information are available at the fingertip, all are as much essential as the food, air, and water. 
  • Today we frequently use the widespread Google. "Google it" is the standard response to any question—the ever-present virtual assistant searches and sorts through billions of pages with ease. No matter what problem you are facing, just type on Google; you will get solutions in a fraction of seconds. So, could you imagine how your day-to-day activities would be affected if The Web became a go-to source of information in current times due to its convenience and efficiency? 


People throughout the world are living profit greatly from it. It simplifies both their work and personal lives. These people would most likely admit that physical survival can't be achieved without the use of technology. They'd probably also remark that going a day without electronics is unreasonable and inconvenient. But at the same time, it causes mental, physical problems to people. So we conclude that try to use technology in your life in such a way that it.

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