Be Who You Are

Being original and showing your true self is one of the most important values in life. In today's world, most of us are afraid to show our authentic selves even to those people who are close to our hearts and dearest to us. We pretend ourselves something which we are not. We are wearing different faces, one in front of our friends, one in front of our parents, and likewise with other people in our life. But have you ever, took a step back and thought that you are doing something wrong by being something else? When we portray ourselves falsely in front of others, we are just betraying ourselves. Our purpose on this planet is to express ourselves, but we are just trying to impress others. In this race, we have hidden our real personalities.

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Benefits Of Being Original

Enough has been said by us on being real, now let’s discuss some vital benefits of being ‘Who You Are’

Right People In Life

Be who you are and the right people will come into your life and stay for life long. As said earlier, we just try to impress others. But, deviating from our true self can harm us as we will never be able to find the right person in our life. However, when you show your true identity to someone only then, you will be able to add valuable persons in your life. The number could be minimalistic, but believe us, they will be the ones who will never leave your hands in tough situations of life.

Confidence Boost

Pretending is a curse as you will never find happiness in life by showing your unreal side to people. Moreover, when you pretend to be someone else, you tend to lose your confidence. By being showing a fake personality, you have to cook up a lot of things that are not real at all. 

Trust Building

When you live on your true side, people build trust in you. When people see that you are being real with them and saying your heart out, then they start believing in you. No matter what, they will stay longer with you as they know you are real and straightforward with them. Thus, your harsh words will also make them understand that you are being real and not just faking to make them falsely happy. And, those who just love fake compliments from you, find your true self irksome.

Good Health

Good health won’t just come from what we eat, but the mind has also a role to play in it. If we are mentally unfit, there is no point of being physically fit. Hiding your real personality might come as a hindrance between you and your health. Pretending someone else could be a stressful task for you. Thus, your health will deteriorate with the range of fake behavior you show. 

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