College Days: The Golden Period Of Life

College life is considered the golden moment of your life. It provides the happiest and unforgettable experience we carry for our whole life. The joy, happiness, friendship, groupings which we have there is priceless.  

College is a magical time in one's life since it makes one stronger, more serious, and self-sufficient. At school, students are obligated to live and make decisions following their parents or teachers, however in college, students are free to make their own choices and fight their own battles. The majority of college students feel liberated and have the ability to make their own decisions. Even the teacher-student connection has become more casual, with teachers treating students with respect and allowing them to make better decisions for their future.

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School Life Vs. College Life 

College Life is totally different from school life. It is the blended flavor of enjoyment, hard work, struggle, expectation, and various sweet-bitter memories. Actually, we are innocent and bound by discipline, restrictions, and various protocols at school. On the other hand, College life is also governed by rules and regulations, but that doesn't matter because the sense of freedom that students receive in college is all about doing what you want when you want.

Life at College 

When you go to college after passing high school, you have a lot of hope and expectations from yourself. You dream of achieving something bigger and work hard for that. You face struggles, tough times. When we start college, we go through several transitions. When compared to school, this is a significant shift. It's a location where we grow up more than we did in school. We think about our career and future. 

  • College gives a chance to a person to live his life according to his own desires with extra freedom. You don't need to be answerable to your class teachers for not attending the class. No scolds and punishment for not wearing a uniform, 
  • Students in college love playing goofy pranks on each other and making fun of each other every moment. Funny experiences abound, particularly from my time at the college canteen. They not only eat and enjoy themselves there, but they also engage in amusing activities with each other. Annual fests or events at the collegiate level generate a lot of excitement and delight. Free time spent with pals at college canteens and joking around with friends is endearing to the soul.
  • College life gives you a sense of confidence and grows as a person. Generally, colleges with accommodations teach you a way of living life. You become more mature, decisive and learn to survive without living in your comfort zone. 
  • A person's ability to fight his own conflicts grows as a result of their college experience. When a student enters college, he begins to feel more independent, and his self-assurance grows. A student's college experience determines his future. Students that make the most of their college time succeed in the long run. If a person effectively concentrates on his studies, he can make his ambitions true. It's a stage on which we may demonstrate our worth.


So, the above memory would be enough to recall your college days, and you might be thinking about these days. No matter whatever you have achieved, such memories will always be inside you. 

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