Introvert VS Extrovert

People do fall into two categories, i.e., Introverts or Extroverts. That’s it. These are two concepts that people generally don’t realize when it comes to socializing with people. These two opposite sides can fall anywhere in the spectrum and help you learn about the personality. You have to be self-aware of the things about yourself to determine what exactly your type is. This will help you navigate further in your relationships and probably give you a better understanding. 

Let’s Talk About Both of These Personality Types


  • You are more social and enjoy yourself with people. You might organize parties and like to work in a group of people. Whenever you are working with people, you feel your absolute best, and it gives you a sense of happiness to collaborate with others.
  • You are always up for doing out-of-the-box things. This makes you look more confident and adventurous. You are not afraid of taking chances and taking action immediately. You are a bit impulsive when it comes to making decisions. Once you decide to do something, you grab it without considering the consequences. 
  • Seek help from others to get the solution to your problem. You seem okay while discussing your life problems because it makes you feel less worried and lift your burden a bit. You approach people for their inputs and do not hesitate to implement them. 
  • Expressing yourself is an easier task because you gel up with people nicely and bond with them. Yous share your thoughts, food, and preferences with them without getting judged. 
  • Loneliness is not your forte, and you can’t handle it. You suck at even the thought of being alone and want people to be there to recharge you all the time. 


It’s often said that introverted people are generally shy and do not make good leaders. 

  • They lack interpersonal skills.
  • They make decisions by considering all the consequences and pros and cons. Whenever they find a new opportunity, they give time to ponder over it and draw a conclusion to it. 
  • You try not to get into fights and conflicts. 
  • You tend to think much, so you’re good at texting and visualizing things. Most of the time, you are busy thinking about many items in your world. You use your mind in productive ways to brainstorm your ideas and get better results. 
  • One of the best qualities is that you’re a great listener. You listen to people talk and absorb yourself in their surroundings. YOu tend to avoid small talk and noises and try to be busy with what you’re comfortable with. 
  • You prefer to be alone because that’s how you function. It would help if you had your space and time to energize yourself. Whenever you come from a long day, you sit down, think about the work you did, retrospect, and then go again to conquer the world. 
  • Few good friends are all you need because you trust in the quality and not quantity. You are delighted in spending time with them rather than wasting your energy socializing with a bunch of unknown people. 


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