How To Stick To Your New Year Resolution

How To Stick To Your New Year Resolution 

The new year is knocking at the door. Just a few days after, the world will say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022. Likewise, every year many people will make resolutions and try to accomplish them. But as you know, procrastination is human nature. And that's why A study shows that around 45 percent of Americans make resolutions every year, but only 8 percent can stick to that for the whole year. 

Do you plan to make a new year's resolution? More than half of all resolutions fail, but you don't have to be one of them this year. Here's how to pick the correct resolution to better your life, make a plan to get there, and join the small number of those who succeed.

Why do people choose a new year to transform themselves?

Why do people make New Year's resolutions? Researchers have investigated how temporal markers encourage aspirational actions in a series of studies dubbed the "new start effect." 
Because the new year feels like a fresh start, many individuals make grandiose resolutions at this time of year. While going for resolutions can sometimes lead to people biting off more than they can chew, they can also provide excellent opportunities to conquer challenges through willpower, perseverance, and innovation.

Set a measurable goal -
Set a goal that is easy to accomplish. Don't make plans like "I want to Be happy all the time this year" or "I'll not take any stress." These things depend on mood, and every odd day you will leave your goal behind. So, make something like-

I will go to gym daily
I will read at least one book every month, 
I will go to visit a new place every month, 
I will learn any particular skill or language."

2.  Make a note and frame it in your bedroom - As we discussed above, millions of people make resolutions every year, but only a fraction of them succeed in keeping them. Why is it so? It is because either people forget to follow a routine or they procrastinate. So to prevent yourself from these two obstacles, you should write your goals in bold and frame them in your bedroom, So whenever you open your eyes, your goal should be clearly visible to you at first sight. 

3. Make a proper action plan- 
Every goal that is to be accomplished needs a proper action plan. Any plan without action is just a dream. So, do one thing, take a pen and a paper and think about how you will reach your goal. You can divide your goal monthly or quarterly wise. Division of work makes any work easy and realistic.

4. Chart your progress- 
This is one of the crucial stages when you take the resolution to transform yourself. Monitoring your process should be a key habit if you really want to achieve whatever you dream for. Schedule a date at the start of the month and monitor your success. 

Conclusion -

So, these are the four ways through which you can stick to your plan. Always have strong motivation to achieve your new year goal. No procrastination, no easy-going, no "I'll do it from tomorrow," and no rest. Go as long as you can.