Books Are The Best Friend: Do You Know Why

There is no friend as loyal as a book; you might have heard this statement often. But do you feel the deep sense of saying behind this statement? I am asking this question to find out, how worth are you considering a book? Actually, Books are one of the most undervalued and most under-recognized discoveries in the world. There are many people who are unaware of the true power of this amazing discovery that it can transform generations, society. Books are that lamp that provides you the light of knowledge, and with this light, you can lighten up your upcoming generations. 

Let's understand the importance of books by a small story. In ancient times, When Muslim rulers attacked India and conquered any place or portion of the country, the first thing they used to do was destroy the libraries and burn out their books. Why do they used to do it? Think! They want to make people, especially upcoming generations, mentally slaves to force their ideas, religion, thinking, and beliefs onto them by doing this. They aimed to make the people of India forget their culture, heritage, religion and could adapt their ideas.    

Benefits of Reading Books 

  • You will learn more things the more you read. The more you study, the further you'll be able to travel. Starting at an early age, immersing oneself in a good book opens up a vast world of knowledge. Reading exposes youngsters to a more extensive vocabulary, which results in more excellent scores in reading tests as well as general IQ tests. Furthermore, better early reading skills may predict subsequent intellect.
  • Reading books is that habit which makes you mentally strong, keeps you out of stress, and brings empathy inside you. When you come out of the office by spending your busy daily schedule, you need something for relaxation, something that can divert your mind. When you
  • When you read, you are encountered with new things, new information, new thinking, new ways to live life, new ways to handle daily life obstacles, and many more. If you bring these things into daily life practice, just think how beneficial it would be. How magnificently it will shape you as a person. You can overcome any pressure situation and can handle your everyday life problem easily. 

What to Read-  

This is something you should ask yourself. What's your field of interest will decide what you like to read. There are various genres like Historical fiction, science fiction, War and Crime, Inspirational, Thriller story, Biography/Autobiography, Religious texts, Poetry, and many more. So there are an endless array of choices, and you may choose your favorite one among these. Apart from that, there are various writers like Charles Dicken, J.K rowling, George Orwell, Leo Tolstoy; you may follow them. 

Several scientists also made contributions in the literary field. If you see "Brief History Time," "The Theory of Everything" by Stephen Hawking or "Relativity: The General and Special Theory," and "The World as I see it" by Sir Albert Einstein. If you love space and technology, you can follow these as well. 


Make a daily habit of reading as it will make your time fruitful. Choose any time as per your convenience. You may read inside your cab or in the metro when you go to the office and return back from the office as you can make your leisure time worthwhile. You may opt for reading before bed as reading before bed can help you to fall asleep quickly and soon.   

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